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Veda Consulting has been working with CiviCRM since 2007, actively helping in the community and providing solutions to UK Specific Issues, such as Paperless Direct Debit and HMRC Gift Aid Online submissions. We do nothing but CiviCRM consultancy and all staff are technically minded. Clients that we work with include Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, Oasis and The Green Party. We look forward to meeting you all at the conference!

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Without CiviCRM there wouldn't be a Veda Consulting. Without CiviCRM thousands of NFP's wouldn't be able to take advantage of a powerful CRM platform that fully integrates into their website. Without CiviCRM we wouldn't be in a position to blow Salesforce out of the water.I think thats reason enough!

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CiviCon London 2013 is CiviCRM's Annual European Conference.