Nexell GmbH

Nexell GmbH, founded in 2002 and based in Switzerland & Germany is specialized in the field of xRM (ie: all types of Relationship Management).
We are your CRM partner for products & companies such as, Oracle CRM On-Demand, VtigerCRM and SugarCRM and support many non-profit and community organizations with CiviCRM, throughout Europe.

We of course work for the big companies, but we get the most fun and satisfaction out of helping small and community based organizations, often on a voluntary basis.
Some of them you can find on our community page:

Our services, technologies and strategies culminates from years of experience with large and small firms, resulting in a set of best practices which are applied to all our projects, big and small, locally and internationally.

As a neutral and unbiased partner, our Customers trust us as their strategic xRM partner. We support them in English, German, French, Italian, Swedish & Hungarian.

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Phn: +41 41 511 8008


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Nexell has sponsored previous years and are happy to continue to keep supporting this project.

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