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Manta Ray Media specialises in creating websites for global health, non-profit, development, research and membership organisations. We are a socially responsible company, striving to help others to improve global health with simple, engaging elegant and user-friendly sites. We work with a wide variety of clients and have launched numerous websites. Some, charities, membership organisations and collaboratives, are using CiviCRM including the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, The Equality Trust and Phab Kids (being built). As Drupal specialists, CiviCRM is the perfect solution for the integration of a CRMs within our sites and we have been using it since 2011 with positive results and very happy clients. We are also involved with the hosting and presentations for the monthly London meet ups and continue to give our support with attendance at other local sprints and workshops where we can.

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CiviCRM is fantastic! During demos of CiviCRM we really do hear "wow". For membership organisations, particularly those with older systems, Civi provides the opportunity to break free and use a new system geared up for their specific needs. "We've used Civi on a number of projects and we want to say thank you to all those that have worked so hard to get to this point and to do what little we can to help Civi continue on its journey to greatness by supporting it financially and being part of the community that dedicates so much time to CiviCRM." [Breathe] Dave Melkman, Director of Manta Ray Media #CiviCRMRocks!

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CiviCon London 2013 is CiviCRM's Annual European Conference.