Doing more with Drupal - 1)Multiple orgs using one CiviCRM and 2)Using Drupal Context for campaigns


Using Drupal contexts

What are the best techniques for creating time or issue based campaigns with CiviCRM? Campaigns that spin up a subsite or site section that looks and feels a little different from the rest of the site and can easily be enabled and disabled when relevant.We will look at integration with Drupal Context and then tips on how to get different CiviCRM pages looking and functioning differently from others

Multiple orgs using one CiviCRM

Voluntary Works represents a joint initiative by several membership bodies for the voluntary and community sector (VCS) within in Bedfordshire. The presentation is about maintaining an agile project process when dealing with large groups of disparate stakeholders -  learn from our successes and mistakes with rapid prototyping, synchronising user and contact data and maximising uptake.

The objective of this project was to centralise the data held by the various membership bodies into a single web-based system. This data is then used in the creation of a marketplace to promote the services and events of the member organisations. Member organisations each have their own Drupal account, connected to CiviCRM through which they can update their details on the website's directory and create and promote services and events. Our job was to help bring the data together in a universal format, design the website and CRM, train their staff, and build tools to help the client manage their data. This site is still in development but we are confident we will be live before CiviCon and able to reveal the client and share more details and demo the actual site (or else get permission to share screenshots/ demo the dev site).

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Friday, October 4, 2013 -
15:45 to 17:00
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