Direct Debits, from the UK to Europe wide with SEPA


Many European nonprofits rely on monthly contributions for donations and memberships. Every country has its own bank products to support that. SEPA is changing all that, with its Direct Debit solution, being rolled out across the continent. For many nonprofits, it's a change -- and we all know how they like that -- but it's also a bit more complex.

This session will not turn you into a fullblown SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) expert, but it will discuss a number of use cases for SDD, explain how SDD works and what the CiviSDD extension (developed by Project60 under an MIH project) offers in terms of functionality.

We'll be looking at how you can capture Direct Debits online using CiviCRM seamlessly both using SEPA and the UK direct debit modules.

We'll also be looking at a couple of case study's

  • LLR
  • Green Party
  • Wikimedia France


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Session Date and Time: 
Thursday, October 3, 2013 -
14:45 to 15:45
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CiviCon London 2013 is CiviCRM's Annual European Conference.