From bank statement to contribution : no more manual labour !


Imagine you're a non-profit employee or volunteer, responsible for managing donations. You get into the office, pick up the first coffee on the way to your desk, to find a HUGE bank statement for you to process today. Good news for your employer, not for you, because even at the rate of roughly two payments per minute, you'll be spending 19.5 hours processing them. Yay !

Wouldn't it be nice if CiviCRM would load the bank statement files and turn them into contributions, membership renewals, new contacts, people who have moved and so on ? Yes, of course.

Well, the solution is here. It's called CiviBanking, and it combines a flexible solution for bank transaction import (with plugins for multiple data formats) and semi-automated matching. Discovering payments for pending contributions, identifying new membership payments, tracking those recurring contributions. Like ? Come listen and discover the architecture, functionality and extendibility of this extension, and see a whirling demo.

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Friday, October 4, 2013 -
14:15 to 15:30
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CiviCon London 2013 is CiviCRM's Annual European Conference.