What attendees said about CiviCon 2012...

The event was really well organised and friendly. I felt welcome and involved as soon as I arrived. It was great to see the Civi 'context' and get a broader picture of what is available and where it is going. I made a point of going to one of each Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sessions and got something from all of them - and most helpfully didn't feel intimidated in any. I have many more ideas of how different aspects of Civi can be applied to my organisation and feel enthusiastic about implementing them.

Elaine Koster, Membership officer, WWOOF UK

Civicon provides a great opportunity to meet CiviCRM users and developers from across the world. The seminars offer something for everyone, whether you're a brand new end user or a seasoned developer, and networking with the friendly Civi community means we can all help to shape CiviCRM’s future as a global resource for non-profits.

Lindsey Mansfield, Woodlands Church, Bristol

CiviCon is the coming together of the CiviCRM community. The strength of the software itself comes from that community, so it's worth taking the time to meet them face to face. It's essential for anyone intending to get the best out of CiviCRM, as the knowledge stored in the heads of those you'll meet is the good stuff. CiviCon is just one more reason why CiviCRM is such a powerful product.

Thomas Muirhead, Head of Digital & CRM, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

Really enjoyed the event which, as a 'newbie', I found a great confidence-boosting event (i.e. the content was less important than the overall 'mutuality' of the event and it reinforced our decision to go for CiviCRM as a product.

Brian Whitehead, Arts Professional

As a first time attendee I found CiviCon to be really useful and inspiring. Having used Civi for a couple of years with the Green Party it gave me and my colleagues lots of ideas about how to better use what we have already and to extend our use into some of the areas we had neglected to date, especially around Events and engaging Supporters. CiviCon is a great way to learn more quickly and meet up with many of the people who can help you take things further.

Mark Cridge, Management Coordinator, Green Party of England and Wales 

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CiviCon London 2013 is CiviCRM's Annual European Conference.